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Our site has MOVED!!!!



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Increase your odds of winning the lottery by USING the lottery with our lotto group!  It's a unique lotto pool like no other! 


And the best part is that the average cost to be in our group is only $10.78/month!!!!  Read on to learn more about it!



This site lists FACTS, so grab a calculator and follow along!



First, here are facts taken straight from the Pennsylvania Lottery and the Mega Millions National Lottery showing their odds for winning their big jackpot.


Mega Millions


Source:  Mega Millions Website (www.megamillions.com)





If you buy a $1 ticket, your best chance of winning this jackpot is


at least 258 Million to 1 (See odds listed above)


If you buy a $5 ticket, your best chance of winning this jackpot is


at least 51 Million to 1  (Odds of 258,890,850 divided by 5)




With these odds, you may NEVER win the lottery. 


This is why some people play the lottery their ENTIRE LIVES without winning!





Here is our Two Step Strategy with our lotto group:


 - First, play the game with the BEST ODDS.


 - Second, play the game with the BEST JACKPOT.




You can do this on your own, but if you played with a group of people your odds get


even better.  To learn more about this strategy, read on by going to Step One...




NOTE:  Our lotto group is not affiliated with the PA Lottery or Mega Millions.  We are an independent lotto group that plays the lottery.





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